Burn Right Barrel Review – Does It Really Work?

burn right barrel review

Burn Right Barrel Review

Extra Large 100% Stainless Steel Hi-Temp Burn Barrel is warp-resistant and lasts longer than other designs. East to assemble, lightweight, portable and easy to clean. Burn Right burn barrel has 2 models

  1. Burn Barrel Home Incinerator Cage – X-Large Incinerator ($589.00) (Includes Ash Catcher) (42″ x 22″ With 29″ Base Ring)
  2. Burn Barrel Home Incinerator Cage – X-Large Incinerator ($539.00) (Excludes Ash Catcher) (42″ x 22″ With 29″ Base Ring)

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burn right burn barrel

100% Stainless Steel Portable Home Incinerator

Burn Right Barrel Review – Burn Right™ is currently the only patented product on the market offering the most innovative outdoor burning technology.  Our cylindrical design produces burn temperatures of over 1600°F to guarantee an efficient burn, resulting in complete incineration and cleaner air. Burn Right™ incinerators are easy to assemble and are the optimal solution for burning yard debris, firewood, and sensitive documents.

  • Made in the USA | Innovative Patented Design.
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver – and much more environmentally friendly.
  • 100% Stainless Steel burn barrel is warp-resistant and lasts longer than other designs.
  • Hotter burn equals less smoke and a neighbor-friendly design. Check with your local community as burning permits may not be required when using our products
  • The patented airflow system allows air to pass freely, creating an extremely hot and efficient burn.
  • Temperatures over 1600°F guarantee an efficient burn, cleaner air & permanent document and waste incineration.
  • Three stainless steel clips secure the cover containing the flame & embers, minimizing the risk of wildfire.
  • Angled grates and internal flanges help ensure hotter and more efficient burn.
  • Easy to assemble (average time 45 minutes).
  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to clean.
  • Assembled dimensions: (X-Large Incinerator) 42″ Tall x 22″ Diameter with a 29″ Base Ring.
  • Includes angle grates, cover, and handle.
  • Minimal smoke | neighborhood friendly.

Due to the extremely hot temperatures produced by our incinerators, we use a very high grade of stainless steel to construct all models. Our incinerators help replace smoky, smoldering burn barrels and help improve air quality. Burn Right incinerators are built to effectively contain the flame, preventing wildfires and making for a very safe product.

At Burn Right™ Products review, we firmly believe in supporting the American economy by keeping our business processes within the US. Our patented burn barrel design reduces the carbon footprint of each burn making it friendlier to the environment.

Ships within 2 days. Warranty on workmanship defects is 30 days from the date of purchase. Returns must be made before burning.

Burn Right Burn Barrel Specification

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Home Incinerator Uniquely Engineered to Last

Since 2001, Burn Right™ has offered the best outdoor burning technology on the market. Our innovative cylindrical design and burn temperatures of over 1600°F guarantee an efficient burn, resulting in complete incineration and cleaner air. Customer safety underscores everything we do. Our incinerators are patented and designed to effectively contain the flame to help prevent wildfires.

Burn Right™ incinerators are a superior alternative to a Burn Barrel, and are built with 100% stainless steel to prevent warping.

For many years, Burn Right has offered the best outdoor burning technology on the market. Our innovative cylindrical design and burn temperatures of over 1600°F guarantee an efficient burn, resulting in complete incineration and cleaner air when following our safety precautions. Customer safety underscores everything we do. Our incinerators are patented and designed to effectively contain the flame to help prevent wildfires.

How to Assemble Your Burn Right Products Barrel

Learn how to properly assemble your Burn Right™ Incinerator in a few easy steps! For more detailed information, see the Safety & Assembly instructions found on burn right products website

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Burn Right Burn Barrel Customer Review

I took a bit of time off this afternoon to assemble and test the new burnright barrel Mini Incinerator. An outstanding, reasonably sturdy piece of equipment. I do not know what other folks were complaining about regarding the assembly. Instructions were fine and a small impact driver made short order of the process 30 minutes tops. (And the screws provided with the unit were actually better than the high quality pointed ones I purchased as recommended in some of the reviews because the threads were finer on what came with the unit and seemed to snug down more tightly with the impact driver)

Rolled the unit out to the pasture between two large brush piles. Incinerated four large trash bags of packed confidential papers (very difficult to burn) and about ½ of two brush piles (one pile 20 x 20 by 4 feet of brush and one pile 10 x 10 by 2 feet of leaves and packed scrub of two years) in about two hours, Did have to use my electric chainsaw to cut the larger branches in smaller pieces to fit in the unit but no big issue.

The final ashes in the incinerator from the burn appear to be approximately ¼ of the height of the unit…..Unit burns material very hot and fairly clean (approximately ¼ of the smoke and ash I would get when trying to burn the open brush pile). 4-inch diameter x 2 feet branches seem to burn thoroughly in about 10 minutes…….However, the unit is absolutely fine to simply walk up to it every 4-5 minutes and keep feeding new materials to burn. (I burned the material with the lid off once I saw how simple and safe it is to keep adding burn materials to the unit)

Very outstanding when finished. Just put the lid on and walk away with no concerns. This is a very fine, safe unit to use no open flames to get away from you and no fuel required to add to get the material to burn.

A fairly expensive unit and am rating this a 4 at this time. I have no complaints whatever about the quality, assembly and safe use of this unit. I will use this at least 10-12 times over the next year and will change the rating to 5+ if the unit stands up as well after a year as other users claim (which I suspect it will because of the apparent high-quality stainless apparently used for the unit)

J Collins

Burn Right Barrel Review

This burn right barrel review is for the Extra Large 100% Stainless Steel Hi-Temp Burn Barrel – Including Ash Catcher. As another reviewer, Steven Shreve, wrote, “it took approximately six hours of difficult work to assemble the barrel.” I should have read that review more carefully. And as another reviewer wrote, for $561 [today’s price], it should come assembled.

The self-tapping screws do not work very well; they strip when attempting to screw them into the barrel, with or without the aid of a cordless drill. They strip in the middle of the process also. To solve this problem, the screws could have a narrower point to get them started easier, as taps do. They could be higher quality steel, i.e. harder than the barrel and then the screws would not strip. However it is, the problem exists and the printed directions and the manufacturer’s comments do not create reality here. It is not reality by assertion.

We solved the problem by going to the hardware store and buying a box of 100 high-quality stainless steel screws that did not strip when force was put on them. And they had narrower points to start them with. Assembly time was shorter then. If these screws have some problems later, we can replace them. But we won’t have to pry outstripped screws, like the ones that came with the barrel.

Further comments, the cross braces on the bottom, have a flange that is supposed to be turned up to keep it from slipping out as it is inserted in the barrel. However, the flange is wide enough that turning it up makes no difference. And, there is nothing to keep the brace from slipping back out the hole, except a slit in the brace that may be designed to slip into the barrel edge, … but the slit is in the wrong angle, and does fall back out when the barrel is tipped. Note: also one end of the cross brace has very sharp points, outside of the barrel. I ground them down with my Dremel tool.

Finally, the ash catching pan is not large enough to cover the entire bottom of the barrel, as there are hand hold openings there, if you have concerns in your area about ground conditions.

Once the barrel is assembled and set up, it burns impressively well… and fast. We like it, but I would prefer it to be assembled when shipped or more doable assembly for the average home owner.

Update Nov. 19, 2020

Now that we have had this a while, I decided to change the review from 3 stars to 4 stars because it is a great burner. So if you’re skilled in working on stuff like this, I would encourage you to try it.

Update June 20, 2020

Use some canning gloves, or wood stove gloves so when you stir up the ashes for complete burning, your hands will be safe. Have a long stirring rod to get the stuff at the bottom exposed to oxygen. When you stir it, small ashes fly up, so wear something on your head to keep the ashes off.


Burn Right Barrel Review

It has made a difference in how much we can get done around our yard. We have approximately 45 mostly oak trees in our backyard and this thing makes short work of all those leaves!

Before we would make 6-foot diameter piles of leaves and burn them but it was a pain in the ass because they would end up just smoldering and we could never burn all of them in one day and then end up bagging up 40+ plus bags which cost out the corn hole for bags and ended up taking up my whole weekend and then some when i couldn’t get help from the boys or the wife! But not anymore! I go through all those leaves and looking for more lol.

P.S. I did have a problem with two screws but swapped them out with two others in the bag as it came with extras and those tightened up without a problem. Happy Incinerating!


Burn Right Barrel Review

I seldom write reviews, but, I purchased the burnright barrel extra-large model and it works wonderfully. I read some of the other reviews stating the difficulty of assembly… I had no trouble at all. A few of the screws seem to not tap the hole properly, but this was not an issue for me, they still tightened up just fine.

Having the right tool for job certainly helps. I used a 10v Bosch pistol grip impact driver with an 8mm magnetic hex bit. This allows solid pressure to be applied to the insertion of the screws, and no slipping. It is also easier to not over tighten and strip the screws by “feathering” the trigger. I assembled the entire unit in 25 minutes.


Burn Right Barrel Review

Bought this for my wife, she wanted a burn right burn barrel for shredded documents and yard debris. Probably a little overkill for what we actually needed but WOW this thing incinerates everything. My son and I pit it together in about 45 minutes with an impact driver.

Easy to move around and simple to light. Just be aware that this will put out a lot of fine ash and embers can be seen up to 40 feet in the air but as long as it isn’t windy you should be fine. Well worth the price.

Burn Right Barrel Review

When I became interested in buying a burn cage I decided to research different brands due to the hundreds of dollars that they cost, to see if they are worth the investment. All the ones I looked at first were flat-panel designs. After checking reviews and watching videos I saw how badly they warped, some after one use.

Some barely resembled what they looked like new. The ones made of regular steel also rusted badly, while the more expensive stainless steel ones didn’t, but still warped severely. I do metal fabrication for a living and have learned that heat and flat surfaces don’t get along.

I found the burn right product and saw it was round which resists distortion. The high-grade stainless steel shouldn’t rust either. I made the purchase and it has performed as advertised and should last for many years to give a good return on my investment. After a lot of hard use, it remains in great shape. any other brand would have been a mistake. Brian

Burn Right Barrel Review

We love our large Burn Right burning barrel. It kept the flames enclosed and reduced huge amounts of brush and trimmings to amazingly small amounts of ashes. It is great at keeping embers from escaping, and we even cooked hot dogs over it from time to time as the flames subsided.

We used it on a hillside in a river canyon that had nearby forest fires and grass fires from time to time, although, fortunately, none happened on our property. We did not burn during the no-burn seasons, of course.

The government entities in charge of burning regulations allowed its use it at other times. Great product. And we enjoy the lovely people to deal with at Burn right. I only wish they still had the smaller version, now that we have downsized from our larger river canyon acreage to a smaller ~ 30 acre farm where there is less to burn and more people who want to cook over the flames.

Burn Right Barrel Review

We have the Burn Right large bin and have burned hundreds and maybe thousands of barrels of leaves over several years and the bin works great. The leaves burn down quickly and I feel much safer using this bin vs burning on the ground or in other types of burners.

Burn Right Barrel Review

Retire your 55-gallon drum. I’ve used my Burn Right Barrel almost daily for 18 years. It incinerates everything. Easy to empty what little ash is left. At this rate the Burn Right Barrel might out last me. Worth every penny.

Burn Right Barrel Review

I have had this product for 7 years and it has performed unbelievable. I live in a remote section of mountains in Virgina and garbage is a big deal. I get nearly total reduction in refuse when I use as instructed. I have black bears in the area and they are attracted but the Burn Right Product has survived. The only problem is the bears keep taking the handles, so I keep a spare just in case.

Burn Right Barrel Review

We love our home incinerator. It burns so fast and completely we can finish yard clean-up in a fraction of the time. Thanks, Burn Right!

Burn Right Barrel Review

Hands down #1 best burn cage incinerator. Burn Right products has truly the best design and quality. Other burn cage incinerators would rust and warp but the burn Right products incinerator doesn’t do either. Their incinerator is designed to prevent any toxic fumes from getting in the air. It’s the cleanest burn cage incinerator on the market. They truly care about our health and environment. Burn Right Products is also pro-military and they did an awesome job in providing me a discount because of my military service. Thank you for being Pro-American.

Burn Right Barrel Review

Expensive barrel but it is fun to watch the garbage burn so fast because it’s getting so much oxygen. Just a small pile of ash when done in a few minutes. Excellent product.

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Burn Right Burn Barrel


Easy to assemble (average time 45 minutes)


100% Stainless Steel burn barrel


Temperatures over 1600°F guarantee


Three stainless steel clips secure


Overall Score



  • Made in the USA
  • Innovative Patented Design
  • 100% Stainless Steel burn barrel
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Temperatures over 1600°F guarantees


  • Price is too High