The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2019

Quick Overview about Side Sleeping

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleeping position in America, but even still it can be a challenge to find the best mattress for side sleeping. Accordingly to one study as much as 74% of all Americans sleep on their side. And no wonder, as side sleeping is one of the best sleeping positions for relieving pressure points on hips and shoulders. That said, it requires a soft and supportive mattress, which is often difficult to find. Softer mattresses are known to have little support and firm mattresses having lots of support are often not ideal for relieving pressure points. So what’s the solution to create the best mattress for side sleepers? Create a foam that is soft and supportive at the same time (Nolah AirFoam).

If you ask the experts, sleeping on your side is the healthiest of sleeping positions. It has a multitude of health benefits including aligning the spine, shoulders and pelvis which in turn reduce pressure points on the neck and lower back. Sleeping on your side also helps air circulation for people that snore and have sleep apnea. Another notable benefit is the recommendation by the American Pregnancy Association that sleeping on the side is the best position for pregnant women, especially the left side.

If you want the bst mattress for side sleepers, you’ll need to invest in a softer feeling, yet supportive mattress. At Nolah, we know this and have therefore specialized in making mattresses for side sleepers specifically. Our mattresses use the newest type of high-resilience temperature neutral pressure relief foam. It’s a modern type of foam made WITHOUT using either Memory Foam or Latex. The benefits are well-known and outperform any conventional Memory Foam and Latex mattress concerning pressure relief, support, cooling and durability. In fact, Nolah is proven to offer 4x better pressure relief on the hips and shoulders when compared to Memory Foam. It also sleeps cooler, as Nolah does NOT contain heat-trapping viscoelastic Memory Foam chemicals.

Continue to read on below to learn more about finding the best mattress for side sleepers. Below also explains about Nolah’s pressure relief and how leading mattress experts rate and review the Nolah mattresses for side sleepers.


Key Factors for Side Sleepers

Before you dive into the full content below, we made a list of the key factors to consider when buying a mattress for side sleepers.

The most critical factor is pressure relief! The second most crucial factor is support and lastly that the mattress needs to offers a medium amount of body conforming.

      1. Pressure relief on hips and shoulders
      2. Supportive alignment of spine, shoulders and pelvis
      3. Medium amount of body conforming

Nolah’s Pressure Relief

Are you sick of waking up sore in the mornings? Are you a side sleeper with a sore neck? Sore back? Or a side sleeper with sore shoulders and sore hips? These are all signs that you could benefit from a new mattress that offers pressure relief specifically for side sleepers like you.
All mattresses are NOT created equal, so if you are a side sleeper, finding one that will cater to your specific sleeping preference is vital to both your sleep and your overall health.
So what is the best type of mattress for side sleepers? How about the one proven to offer 4X better pressure relief than even the most comfortable memory foam mattresses.
The Nolah offers 376% less peak pressure (shoulders, hips, and back) and 22% better pressure relief overall, the innovative Nolah AirFoam™ and high-resilience foam construction of the mattress is unmatched by even the high-end memory foam mattresses when it comes to being the best rated mattress for side sleepers.
Nolah AirFoam Mattress | Pressure Relief Test Results
We could sit here and tell you all about how wonderful The Nolah is, but instead, we want to share what everyone else is saying about the Nolah and why it is the best mattress for side sleepers.


Mattress Clarity | Nolah Mattress Review
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“Overall I think the mattress is good quality and is great at pressure relief, making it a great choice for side sleepers. I really like the animal protection donation (very unique and cool), though I don’t think that should make/break a mattress purchase, but a good cherry on top for those of you that already are looking to buy Nolah. Overall I think if you’ve made it this far, Nolah is worth a try.”

– JOE AUER (Mattress Clarity)


Tuck Nolah Mattress Review
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“ Our review of the Nolah Mattresses found that the AirFoam did a great job hugging our hips and shoulders as we laid on our side, taking any pressure away.  The Nolah Signature 12 had a firmer feel when flipped and give our heavier sleepers excellent support keeping the spine aligned when sleeping on their stomach.  Both mattresses did seem to sleep a bit more cool than a traditional memory foam mattress.”

– Bill Fish (Tuck)


Sleep Advisor | | Nolah mattress Review
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“Focused on technology, the founders of Nolah wanted to replace what they saw as outdated memory foam and latex materials. Their 20 years of combined experience in the sleep field led them to creating Nolah Air Foam™, a proprietary material that stays temperature neutral and reduces pressure on hips, shoulders, and backs.”

– Sara Cummings (Sleep Advisor)


Mattress Advisor | Nolah Mattress Review
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“The Nolah mattress is made with a patent-pending memory foam called AirFoam™. AirFoam™ is a temperature neutral material, meaning it doesn’t trap heat like traditional memory foam. Although it’s technically foam, AirFoam™ has the buoyancy of latex.”

– Kelsey (Mattress Advisor)


Sleepopolis | Nolah Mattress Review
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“On a mission to create “tomorrow’s mattress,” the founders of Nolah decided to ditch the standbys of yore (namely memory foam & latex) and develop a new substance that would best them both. Their solution? The Nolah AirFoam™, a material that mimics the body contouring principles of memory foam, but promises to do so without overheating.”

– Logan Block (Sleepopolis)


Forbes | Nolah Mattress Review
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“When it comes to mattress shopping, there are a few important factors to consider: comfort, pressure relief, and back support. Luckily, the Nolah mattresses offer all three. Made with cooling AirFoam, high-resistance foam, and a durable base foam, the Nolah mattresses offer deluxe support so you can spend less time worrying about back pain and more time counting sheep.”

– Forbes Finds (Forbes)


Sleepcupid | Nolah mattress Review
🏆 #1 Mattress for Side Sleepers


“The Nolah feels breathable when you lie on it for the first time, and it stays this way throughout the night. In addition, the pressure-relieving top layer leaves you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. There are no pressure points and you wake up the next morning pain-free and refreshed. From the first night, it’s very comfortable and requires little adjustment. Temperature regulation is also superior, considering that it doesn’t have any cooling gel or other heat-absorbing chemicals inside of it.”

– Nicole Bradford (Sleep Cupid)


Mens Journal | Nolah Mattress Review
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“Hot sleepers rejoice: The Signature 12’s four-layer foam sandwich is topped by 2.5 inches of air foam, which the company claims is cooler than pure memory foam builds. With one side firmer than the other, flip it to dial in the right feel.”


– Jesse Will (Men’s Journal)


Apartment Therapy | Nolah Mattress Review
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“Nolah’s claim to fame is its commitment to being the coolest (temperature-wise) mattress out there. Their mattresses are made without viscoelastic chemicals (common in memory foam) that can trap heat—in fact, Nolah mattresses are built to be temperature neutral. Plus, Nolah supports the environment, pledging to adopt one wildlife for every mattress sold—you can even choose which endangered animal you’d like to help as you purchase your mattress!”


– Nicole Lund (Apartment Therapy)


Nolah Mattress | Made for Side and Back Sleepers

Verified Customer Reviews

“After less than a month of owning a Nolah mattress, I feel like a new person. No more waking up two or three times a night, just continuous restful sleep. But more importantly no more creaking back and hips as I get up in the morning. With the pain becoming a distant memory, I can honestly say I could stay in bed all day it is so comfortable. Love the mattress, loved the ease of delivery and watching it unfold was – well just fun. Very glad I made this purchase.”

– Hilary B. Nolah Mattress - 5 Star Customer Review


“My Nolah mattress is absolutely amazing. It’s the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, my fiancé agrees. We’re both primarily side sleepers but we think it’s great for any sleeping position. It was perfect right out of the box, it didn’t really have a bad odor, it unwrapped quickly and sprang to life in minutes. I haven’t had any neck or back pain since I’ve started sleeping on it (2 months). It’s so comfortable I don’t want to get out of bed.”

– Sara M. Nolah Mattress - 5 Star Customer Review


“Very disappointed in my self for waiting this long to buy a Nolah. If you care about your body and mental well being do not procrastinate. I have not had a solid nights sleep in years and always woke up in pain. NOT ANYMORE!! Sleep all night and wake up feeling 20 years younger. Thank you Nolah”

– Jacob V. Nolah Mattress - 5 Star Customer Review


Nolah Mattress | Cooling Sleep


“All I can say is “Wow!” Our Nolah mattress is a wonder! After the very first night, my hips and shoulders no longer hurt upon arising. My husband now sleeps more deeply and we are both better rested. Thank you, Nolah!”

– Kay B. Nolah Mattress - 5 Star Customer Review

“I know there was a time when my lower back, legs and hips were hurting at night. I researched mattresses for weeks and decided on Nolah because it was highly rated for side sleepers and sleeping cool. From the first night, I knew the purchase of my Nolah Mattress was the best decision I’ve ever made and it was worth every penny! I am going to buy another one for our vacation home because now I am spoiled!!!”

– Kelly R. Nolah Mattress - 5 Star Customer Review

“I jumped online and spent weeks sifting through reviews from other companies, Nolah was always in the top. It’s a little firmer than I expected based off of reviews, I’m used to tons of give. But this support has helped my back injury that I’ve been painfully dealing with for months. Bottom line is I’m very happy with how I wake up in the mornings and even happier when I don’t need to get out of bed.”

– Jordan R. Nolah Mattress - 5 Star Customer Review


“This mattress is wonderful! I read about it in a review and checked it out since it’s marketed for side sleepers, and when I saw they donate to wildlife, I was sold. No matter what position I feel like being in, I’m comfy. I usually wake up with a lot of stiffness in my back and aching in my knees, but no more! I hadn’t really expected my knee pain to go away as much as it has, so that has been an awesome plus. Now I just need a good pillow!”

– Megan L.  Nolah Mattress - 5 Star Customer Review


Expert mattress reviewers and customers alike are all firm believers that the Nolah mattress is the best mattress for side sleepers, but with the 120 free trial, you don’t have to take our word for it, you can try it for yourself, risk-free! The only thing you have to lose is the pain!

What are the health benefits of sleeping on your side?

It’s proven in several studies over the years that sleeping on your side is the healthiest sleep position. Experts agree that sleeping on your side is healthier than sleeping on your back or stomach. Some of the most notable health benefits of sleeping on your side include:

    1. Better airway circulations
    2. Spinal alignment
    3. Healthier heart
    4. The best position for pregnant women
    5. Aids digestion
    6. Reduces heartburn
    7. Boosts brain health
    8. Reduces snoring and sleep apnea

Five expert advice for choosing the best mattress for side sleeping

Two things make up the perfect side sleeper bed. First the mattress, then the pillow. The mattress needs to be soft and supportive to relieve pressure points and the pillows firm and supportive enough to offer proper neck and spinal alignment.

    1. Choose a soft and supportive mattress with good pressure relief
    2. Measure the length between your neck and shoulders to find your perfect pillow height
    3. For extra lower back support, use a pillow between your knees
    4. Pillow must be supportive enough to not collapse during sleep
    5. Make sure the mattress has a medium amount of body confirming. I.e. not so you lay on top of the mattress, but neither so you sink deeply into the mattress. The perfect amount of body conforming is when your shoulders and hips gently sink into the mattress without feeling stuck.

What mattress firmness is best for side sleepers?

Firmness is subjective and depends on several factors. In general, most side sleepers find most comfort using a softer feeling mattress with good pressure relief. Mattress firmness is rated from 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest. Choosing the right firmness level depends on body weight. For ease of use, we’ve made a table below explaining the general recommendations for side sleeper firmness based on body weight. This is only a guideline and can vary from person to person.


Side Sleeper Body Weight 

Recommend Firmness Level

Expert Advice

Less than 125 lbs

Soft 4-5

Lighter sleepers sink less into the mattress and therefore needs a softer mattress with more body conforming.

125 to 225 lbs

Soft-medium 4-6

Average weight side sleepers typically use a soft to medium feeling mattress. This is a balanced mattress with medium body conforming, firmness and feel.

More than 225 lbs

Medium 5-6

Heavier sleepers need a bit extra support and will in most cases find comfort at firmnesses just above medium.

General side sleeper mattress buying tips

Besides body weight and firmness level, material composition also plays an important role in finding the best mattress for side sleeping. Below, we’ve compiled a quick reference guide with tips on how to buy a mattress for side sleeping. The list also includes things to avoid, as these are known not to be ideal for people sleeping on their sides.


Pro Buying Tips

    1. Pressure Relief – Make sure the mattress offers better than average pressure relief on hips and shoulders.
    2. Firmness – The mattress should be soft to medium. Not medium-firm, as that would create pressure points that could result in pain.
    3. Price – Good options are found at less than $1,000 for Queen and King, while the sweet spot for price and quality is typically around the $1,500 mark for Queen and King size side sleeper mattresses.
    4. Sleep trial – Make sure you get at least 100 nights to try your new side sleeper mattress. It takes 30 to 60 nights to break into any new mattress and for your body to adjust fully to the new feel.
    5. Warranty – Minimum 10 years is advisable and a lifetime warranty is the best. Make sure the warranty cover indentations from 1” and more.


What to Avoid

      1. Memory Foam and Latex – In general Memory Foam and latex offer little to no pressure relief. Memory Foam when soft enough for side sleepers lack spine support, and latex has too much pushback creating pressure points on the hips and shoulders.
      2. No sleep trial – it’s recommended not to buy a mattress without a sleep trial. If the mattress does not have a sleep trial, you’ll be taking a gamble as you do not know if the mattress will work for you.
      3. Short or pro-rated warranties – these should be avoided, as they might end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars should you make a warranty claim.
      4. Overpriced mattresses – typically mattress costing more than $2,000 is not worth the price. Even the best materials for a mattress will never cost more than $2,000 in retail, that is unless you pay an outrageous retail mark-up to the seller (which we recommend not to do).

The Nolah AirFoam™ Mattress



Sleeps Cooler | 4x Better Pressure Relief | 300% More Durable

Nolah is made from better foam to create a better mattress. It’s not Memory Foam, and it’s not made with any of the heat-trapping chemicals present in all types of Memory Foam.

Because it’s not made with conventional Memory Foam, (like most other online mattresses) Nolah mattresses are 100% temperature neutral (meaning it won’t store your body heat) and are guaranteed to sleep cooler to provide you with a much more restorative sleep.

Performance tested

In heat-mapped performance tests, the Nolah mattress relieved pressure on the hips and back 4x times better than Memory Foam. It also proved to be 300% more durable than even the most high-end Memory Foam mattresses and a whopping 26x times more durable than conventional foam mattresses.

The Nolah mattress is easily the most comfortable all-foam mattress available today; far superior to the comfort of conventional Memory Foam mattresses in terms of cooling sleep, pressure relief and durability.

Using today’s advanced technology, we’ve simply created better foam and a better mattress. Invented with the most cutting-edge mattress technology, Nolah easily outperforms any Memory Foam mattress because conventional Memory Foam mattresses rely on outdated technology from the 1970s.

The Nolah mattress is undoubtedly the next iteration of Memory Foam and the biggest step up in comfort and overall quality seen in mattresses since the invention of Memory Foam in the 1970s.

Nolah AirFoam vs. Memory Foam

Sleep Cooler: How Nolah Sleeps Cooler than ANY Memory Foam mattress

4x Better Pressure Relief: 4x Times Better Pressure Relief than Memory Foam

300% More Durable: More Durable than Even the Best Memory Foam

The best mattress for side sleepers and people with back pains

For side sleepers, people with lower back or shoulder pain, and even those simply seeking to sleep cool on the most durable foam mattress ever created, the Nolah mattress is voted #1 by savvy consumers who are after only the best foam technology and mattress design available today.

Second To None, the Nolah AirFoam™ mattress leads the way in terms of sleep comfort, refreshing cool and restorative sleep, soothing pressure relief and long-lasting durability.


So why settle for outdated Memory Foam when you can get something better thanks to today’s latest technological advances? Shop the best mattress in a box 2018 and save $125.

From the material scientists @

Nolah Sleep, LLC.

The Best Mattress in 2019 for Side Sleepers 

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