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Rigorously tested by our expertly trained engineers, refurbished EcoFlow units offer you a like-new portable power station experience with a two-year warranty and significant savings.

  • Just Like-new

To become a reconditioned model, each EcoFlow unit goes through the same extensive testing and reviews that our new machines do, guaranteeing out-of-the-box EcoFlow quality but with a generous price cut. 

  • Expertly Assessed

EcoFlow engineers follow a strict pre-sale testing and maintenance procedure. Where necessary we rebuild using genuine components, ensuring a like-new condition.

  • Guaranteed Peace of Mind

All restored units come with the same warranty as new machines. 

  • Free Shipping¬†

We offer free shipping on all refurbished items within the U.S., plus after-sales support, so if you have any questions, just give us a call.


Refurbished EcoFlow DELTA Series

Refurbished EcoFlow DELTA Series

Refurbished EcoFlow RIVER Series

Refurbished EcoFlow Solar Panels

What is a refurbished EcoFlow product?
An EcoFlow reconditioned product is a preowned unit returned by a customer. Every machine undergoes rigorous testing and maintenance procedures by EcoFlow engineers to ensure a like-new condition.

How are the units refurbished?

EcoFlow has a comprehensive inspection checklist for all returned products so that all units are meticulously tested. An EcoFlow engineer will inspect a unit, replace any essential parts, and complete a final review to ensure the product reaches the EcoFlow standard of quality for resale.

Does a refurbished unit come with a guarantee?

Yes, the warranty cover is the same as new machines.