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25HOME Reviews: All-Leather Sofa Honest Review by CAMBRIEA

On October 11, 2022, talented Youtube influencer @live with cambriea reviewed on 25Home All-leather Sofa. Here is her video:

25HOME All-Leather Sofa Honest Review by CAMBRIEA

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ALL-LEATHER SOFA is understated, versatile, modern, and sleek. Padded track arms wrap around a cushy seat, softening an otherwise linear frame. And with a comfortable sit profile that eases your tiresome after a hard day’s work, you’ll never want to get up. In this video, you’ll see how soft, comfy, durable, and waterproof is!

“I do want to thank 25home for gifting us these sofas. They had reached out to me, and you guys know that I really wanted to get some genuine leather sofas for this room. It’s just so much more durable and easy-going with the kids. And these sofas are beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Here you can see me putting together the second one that I got. These are really easy to put together also.

They have multiple different sizing. I ended up getting this three-cushion one. This one I’m putting together right now is a two-cushion one. The seating for me was really important – we have my parents, aunt and uncle over regularly, and the kids getting older. It’s important to make sure everyone has ample space in the family room.

We love doing movie nights and stuff, so having the space where people can spread out and not feel like they’re on top of everyone is really nice. ”

“Each one we’ve got came in two boxes, and they were pretty much fully put-together. All you had to do was put on the legs. They have a really nice connection piece on the top, so they don’t slide around on you.

I before YouTube used to work in a furniture store, so I know a decent amount about good-quality furniture. And I have to say I was really impressed about the make of this the leather.

It is beautiful leather, super sturdy, super soft. Even the underneath is build with the solid-wood craftsmanship with the S Spring. It was just put-together beautifully. I have no fear of the kids jumping around on this.

They definitely are very fairly priced for genuine leather furniture. They say on their website that they don’t want to take those pricing Their quality is absolutely amazing. These ones are a little bit deeper, which I personally like.

It’s nice because it’s got some firmness to it without being a rock. Bobby has some different pains in his back and knees, so he needs a more firm seat. He doesn’t want that super soft seating of any kind. This was like the really nice in-between of it was firm. You’re not like completely sinking into it but still really really comfortable.”

“25home was also really gracious and gave me a discount code for you guys. So they have their fall sale going on currently and then if you use “Cambria 5”, you’ll get another five percent off. So super gracious for that big things for one gifting me these absolutely stunning sofas, our family loves them and I really think they work really well in our space, but also for giving you guys the opportunity to save some money as well with that discount code.

So check out my link in the description below and that way you can check out what their website has. They have other styles as well and then you can use my discount code to save yourself a little bit of money that way also.”

“Now I’m just going around and cleaning these sofas. This is a daily chore because of sticky fingers from children. But I am loving the durability and how easy it is to keep these sofas clean between the dog hair and kids and everything.

I was always afraid of leather sofas. I was one of those people that in my head when I thought of leather I thought of it being cold and sticky and just not comfortable, and maybe that’s because when I went to certain people’s houses they had cheap leather.”

25HOME is Providing Affordable & Modern Furniture and Decor For any Home

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From bedroom to dining room furniture, 25Home has all needs covered with their unique and stunning pieces. This direct-from-manufacturer brand promises the best prices possible for each and every piece they sell.

When it comes to furnishing a house, there are multiple things to take into account. It needs to flow together in each room with a theme throughout. Furnishings need to be durable and high-quality to make the investment worth it. Finally, the design needs to fit within a specific budget.

25Home is a one-stop shop, checking all the boxes with their unique collection. Their Nordic designs are sold right from the manufacturer to the consumer, ensuring reasonable prices and only the best quality furniture.

They have unique offerings that other furniture brands don’t have, including:

  • A transparent supply chain
  • Products adopt high-tech leather alternatives, such as air leather and Nappa leather
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Ethical treatment of all employees
  • The best prices possible
  • Military and educational discounts

25 Home

Beautiful designs at beautiful prices

25Home has everything, from sofas and sectionals to gorgeous art-deco tables. Each design is unique yet able to pair with a wide variety of other styles and pieces. Modern art and styles combine with their ethical supply chain and employment practices to produce furniture consumers can feel good about buying.

25Home is doing what most DTC or direct-to-consumer businesses can’t do. They cut out the middle-man distributor to ensure they’re giving the best prices to their customers. All designing and manufacturing are done by 25Home. They’ve succeeded where most DTC businesses haven’t, redoing the model to deliver the best service possible to their customers.

25Home is so confident in the quality of their work that they guarantee all products for a year after purchase.

25 Home

Ethical beliefs and practices

25Home’s transparent supply chain means more than just savings for customers. It means they’re completely open about where everything is coming from and who is working on it. They’re passionate about human labor rights in all aspects.

Discrimination is a deal breaker for them for any part of the process. They believe in providing healthy and safe environments for employees to work in factories and stores.

They also do not allow child or forced labor. All employees must be over the age of 15, and even overtime is on a voluntary basis. It’s important to them to treat all employees completely fairly.

Not only are they ethical when it comes to their employees, but 25Home is also looking out for the environment. They avoid synthetic materials that are damaging to the earth, adopting high-tech leather alternatives, such as air leather and Nappa leather.

25 Home


25Home is an ethical company that was founded to provide the best prices possible to consumers for beautiful, modern furniture. It’s more than just their beautiful designs. They’re entirely transparent about how these products are made, giving consumers peace of mind when making a purchase.

25HOME Sandwich Sofa: Satisfy Customer’s Whole Family

  review by Yahoo Finance

June 23, 2022

Today, California-based furniture brand, 25Home Furniture, announces the launch of a new exclusive furniture collection: Sandwich, a sofa satisfying customer’s whole family. Sandwich sofa encourages customers’ creativity and promotes family harmony.

Have you ever had family quarrels and hurt the one you love when choosing a sofa? Sandwich sofa keeps customers out of such trouble.


The reason is simple. Just like buying a sandwich, customers can decide the order of ingredients and enjoy the rich taste in one bite. That’s why 25Home designs Sandwich sofa: it is a Four-in-One sofa. Each seat consists of 2 cushions: a soft feather cushion and a bouncy foam cushion. By combining the cushions as you wish, customers can get four sofas for the price of one. It is not only suitable for various spaces, but also brings customers’ family four types of enjoyment.

A sofa, a bed

With 32.7 inches seat depth, Sandwich sofa provides sufficient space for lying, lounging, reclining and curling up and can even be served as a single bed. Its armrest, with perfect curve and soft filling, can be used as a pillow. It’s not a simple bed, but an ergonomic bed that protects customers’ spine.


Waterproof processing was thoughtfully applied to the outermost surface of the air leather of the Sandwich sofa, therefore, there is no need to worry that the sofa will sag or deform when it’s soaked. The waterproof treatment also makes cleaning easy—a rag is all customers need if there are stains.


Air leather, as a high-strength material, is scratch-resistant and perfect for pets and children. Moreover, this sofa is also non-wrinkle and non-pilling, giving you the most worry-free experience.

Sandwich sofa selects the well-chosen natural down as the filling. Without bleaching, it is odorless, harmless to health, and allergen-free. With it, you don’t have to worry about rhinitis or dermatitis. Customers can enjoy their lazy afternoon on the cloud-like down cushion without misgivings.

About 25Home Furniture delivers premium on-trend furniture and accessories with Modern & Scandinavian style on the belief that furniture shouldn’t break the bank. Empowered by a range of Nordic designers, 25Home’s original furniture line set up apart by bringing consumers high quality, modern and minimalist designs at radically fair prices.

25Home’s direct-from-manufacturer model does what so-called direct-to-consumer (DTC) furniture brands never could. 25Home doesn’t outright reject the DTC model but it does succeed in doing what no DTC furniture brands have managed thus far: truly removing the middleman in order to pass the savings on to the consumer. For more information, please visit

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