Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review


Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

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The Alexander Signature Series Reviews

In the wake of attempting and truly loving The Love Bed, I was extremely eager to attempt The Alexander Signature Series Mattress, which was intended to be the following stride up.

Both beds originate from Nest Bedding, a sleeping cushion store chain in California that has chosen to enter the market with its own sleeping pads.

For the most part this sleeping cushion is one of my top choices available, yet it’s not for everybody.

One of the top reviewed memory foam mattresses and is an affordable luxury alternative to more expensive name brand memory foam beds. Factory Direct. Now with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty and industry first Lifetime Comfort Guarantee!

You will love The Alexander if…

  • You like froth sleeping pad however abhor the soaking in/stuck feeling – the bedding offers the solace and support of froth, yet is considerably “springier” than customary flexible foam. This makes it less demanding for you to move around amid rest and other fun exercises.
  • You despise dozing hot – it’s shocking. I had no issue with the bedding resting hot by any stretch of the imagination.
  • You have a solid solidness inclination – a hefty portion of the online-just sleeping cushion organizations offer only one form of the bedding. Settle Bedding offers three solace levels to browse (see solidness levels analyzed beneath).
  • You lean toward a more common bedding – The Alexander isn’t flawless in such manner (see our cons), yet the sleeping pad is significantly more centered around it all in all.
  • You need a sleeping pad outlined by a specialist – Joe Alexander has been offering beddings to clients through his chain of stores for a long time, so he realizes what individuals need. Also, he put his name on this one, so that’s all anyone needs to know.
  • You need an incredible arrangement – The Alexander is outlined and made by Nest Bedding, so all center men are removed. This is a decent arrangement for a sleeping cushion of this quality, and you would unquestionably pay 2 or 3 times more for different brands sold through the huge retail locations.

Based on the purchase price of $1,199.00 at 10% APR for 12 months. Rates from 10%-30% APR. Read More

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The Alexander Signature Series® comes in three different firmnesses. Each one is suited towards specific sleeping preferences. Choose the firmness most suited to your preference.

The Alexander Luxury Firm is best for back and stomach sleepers. The Alexander Medium is best for back and side sleepers. The Alexander Soft feels like a super soft plush hug, best for the side sleepers who love to snuggle up in.

Extended Details
Extended Details

Now Featuring Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabrics on all Alexander Signature Series® Beds. Combining durable, breathable High Density Gel Memory Foam, our SmartFlow Air Flow Foam, and the support of high quality Edge Support Base Foam, The Alexander Signature Series® is available in Luxury Firm, Medium or Soft.

We do not have one mattress and say it is perfect for you. We believe you should have a choice when it comes to where you sleep. The Alexander Series is USA made, uses certified components and is built to last We use CertiPUR-US Gel Foam and Support Base Foams. Designed by industry experts with years of mattress experience.

Nest Bedding vs. Purple, Casper, Tuft & Needle, and Nectar Sleep Comparison


Mattress Company Nest Bedding Purple Casper Tuft & Needle Nectar
Made in USA   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  NO
Factory Direct   Yes  Yes  NO  NO  NO
Lifetime Warranty   Yes  NO  NO  NO  Yes
Lifetime Comfort Guarantee   Yes  NO  NO  NO  NO
Phase Change Cooling  Yes  NO  NO  NO  NO
Fast Shipping   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  NO
Over 11″ Thick   Yes  NO  NO  NO  NO
Over 5 Years In Business   Yes  NO  NO  NO  NO
A+ BBB Rating  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  NO
Firmness Choice  Yes  NO  NO  NO  NO
Try The Beds In Stores  Yes  NO  Yes  Yes  NO

Nest Bedding stands out as the clear winner when compared to many other mattress brands. In fact, Nest Bedding has been named the #1 Mattress Brand in America in Independent Reviews. Nest Bedding is a clear choice. The Alexander Signature Mattress sits at the top or near the top of most every review site, both paid affiliate and non-affiliate sites.

Casper, Purple, Tuft & Needle, and Nectar Sleep are registered trademarks


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Organic mattress

You dislike Nest Alexander Signature Series if…

  • You need to spend less – the Alexander is an extraordinary esteem, and an awesome sleeping cushion. In case you’re searching for only a decent sleeping pad and need to spend less, there are different alternatives to consider.
  • You need an absolutely common/natural sleeping cushion – Nest Bedding is known for its concentrate on characteristic/natural items, however The Alexander is not by any means regular. Settle Bedding offers absolutely regular items, in any case they are altogether more costly (normal sleeping pads are a great deal more costly wherever because of material expenses).

Movement Transfer Test

The Alexander is a brilliant froth sleeping pad, so not surprisingly there is insignificant movement exchange experienced as I move around on the bed. This implies the bedding is a decent sleeping cushion for couples.

Other vital contemplation’s for The Alexander Signature Series Mattress

20 Years Warranty – All Latex Mattresses, Alexander Mattresses, SmartHouse

100 Night NO Risk Trial – Nest Bedding coordinated numerous other online sleeping cushion organizations to offer a full discount inside the initial 101 days of procurement, no inquiries inquired. This is something that no conventional sleeping pad store will coordinate.

Financing at 0% – there is financing accessible through the site, so you can make regularly scheduled installments rather than one single amount installment.

Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review

Nest Alexander Signature Series Basic Construction

In case you’re searching for the full specs on this 13 inch thick sleeping cushion I recommend you visit the Nest Bedding site, however here are the essential perspectives in my psyche:

  • Basic: The Alexander Signature Series is made with convoluted froth, gel froth and base froth.
  • SUPPORT AND BASE LAYERS: These layers give the colossal support of the Alexander and in addition help air travel through the bedding to stay away from warmth being caught.
  • COVER: The cover is made of a cotton and polyester mix. Likewise inside the cover is 1.5 creeps of delicate froth, making just about a pad best impact and making it feel exceptionally extravagant.

Comfort Levels

The sleeping pad comes in three solace levels (delicate, medium, extravagance firm), and normally the development changes somewhat by solace level. Still zero issue with warmth in view of the convoluted layers.

Nest Alexander Signature Series Summary

I looked into the Alexander bedding subsequent to mulling over numerous others, and it rapidly rose to the top as one of my top picks. It’s an exceptionally agreeable sleeping cushion with a fabulous solace/bolster trade off. The sleeping pad originates from Nest Bedding, an organization with a decent notoriety and various known quality bedding and cushions (and different items). The Alexander is my first decision from Nest Bedding over the Love Bed and Honest Beds (different sleeping pads I have looked into from them). General I unequivocally prescribe the Alexander.

Do I suggest The Alexander Signature Select?

After my two week trial, I couldn’t give a superior survey. The Alexander Signature Series Mattress isn’t for everybody (no sleeping cushion is), however I’m somewhat fixated on Nest Bedding, and The Alexander is currently my most loved bedding from them. It’s extremely agreeable, more regular than most, and general gives an awesome dozing background. If it’s not too much trouble let me know whether you have any more follow-up inquiries on The Alexander or other Nest Bedding items in the remarks.

Nest Alexander Signature Series Customer Review

Best bed ever

After 10 years with our spring coil master bed, we read reviews and on the Nest Bedding website) of the Alexander Nest bed and decided to go for it. It’s soooo comfortable. I don’t have sore spots on my hips any more and I don’t wake up when my husband gets out of bed or turns over – and my husband has the same experience with no sore spots & not waking up. We got the medium firmness which works well for both of us. I used to get up and move to another bed in the middle of the night because my husband’s restlessness would wake me up. In the 2 months since getting the bed, I haven’t moved to the other room a single time. It’s too comfy to move to another room!! The mattress shipped promptly and was delivered in a box to our doorstep. Setup was really easy.

I would TOTALLY recommend this bed to anyone and wish we had bought it sooner. If you’re a light sleeper and get woken up easily by movement or discomfort, this bed will help you sleep much more soundly.

Love our new mattress

Wasn’t so sure about buying a mattress on line, especially one in a box. After lots of research, decided to give nest bedding a try since it had a 100 day trial policy and prices were reasonable. Bought he Alexander Signature in luxury firm.. It has been over a month. What a comfortable mattress. After years of sleep problems, I finally am sleepin

g through the night Very supportive and comfortable. No problems with ordering. or delivery .

Great nest

Love the bed! I’m a side sleeper and this bed is perfect. No shoulder pain from day one.

Also own a purple and lessa mattress – nest is my favorite!!

Bought the soft mattress and love it – no adjustment period.

Amazing Bed at an Amazing Price!
I searched for many weeks looking for a bed. I visited local stores and tested many types of beds. I tried a gel bed and hated it. I tried a Temperpedic bed and hated it. So I was very worried about wasting more money on another bed. My husband and I just could not agree on the type of bed. So we decided to get two Twin XL mattresses so he can have what he wants and I can have what I want. So I found Nest Alexander Bed.
Amazing bed! So comfortable! So affordable! I never thought I would buy a bed from the internet or one that comes in a box!! I like that it has the springs with the memory foam gel. It does not sink too much and is not hard either. I am Goldilocks and found this one “just right”! I bought the Twin XL and then bought another one for our guest room. I spent less than I ever did on any other bed we ever bought. I love that they are made in America and never found any really negative reviews. Love it!!

I have had the king
I have had the king size bed for only 2 months now and so far I love it! Not too hard, but not to soft. Very comfortable. Easy to sleep on. I would recommend if you are just looking for a new mattress but not sure what kind of sleeper you are or which kind to buy. I bought a bed frame with wood slates on the bottom so you don’t need to buy a box spring unless you prefer the height.

I first tried out the purple mattress. I love the science behind it but it was just to hard for me. I researched several beds after I sent the purple back, and came across nest bedding. They were unique in that they have choices not a one size fit all bed! I chose the Alexander Signature Series- Soft King mattress. Now my pregnant wife and I are in love with our mattress. I’m a customer for life!

So glad I bought this bed!

I was very nervous ordering a bed from online. How could I know which one to pick without feeling and lying down on them all? A bed is an investment so I expect to pay a decent amount of money for a great product. The bed was lower than the so-called luxury foam beds out there but it was still pricey for a mattress. I picked the one they recommended and gambled.

It arrived in this giant box and that, despite its size, was easy to maneuver. I honestly spent more time opening the dang box than I did actually “setting up” my mattress. Cutting the plastic wrapping away was the most fun/challenging part because the more I cut away, the more this thing expanded, and I ended up being a contortionist halfway through, which seemed to be amusing for the onlookers.
But as far as the actual bed goes, it’s really, really great. As soon as I tried it out, I was immediately shocked at how light I felt on it! And I woke up without any back pain and slept all the way through the night, two things I had not done in quite a while. I’ve had it since November, and I still wake up every morning feeling great. It’s not hot either, which was also a big concern of mine. Anyway, 5 stars. Totally recommend it.

Awesome in every way!
Through much research my wife and I decided to purchase the Alexander Signature Series mattress. We have had it for about 5 weeks and really love it! The ordering process was easy (we chose medium) and it was delivered very quickly. We would highly recommend Nest Bedding. If your experience is similar to ours, you will not be disappointed!

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Nest Alexander Signature Series Mattress



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