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Modern Cat Furniture Reviews | Tuft + Paw is a fast growing retailer of cat’s furniture and accessories.

Modern Furniture For CatsAt Tuft + Paw, nothing makes us happier than seeing a well-loved cat. For us, that means providing them with the best possible environment- one that also protects and enhances the beauty of our world. Our cats love comfort, and we love ethically made, modern designs.

Tuft + Paw both grew up with cats, but our childhood visions of Zip, Snowball, and Sneakers were changed by an eye-opening trip to Colombia in 2015. Vacationing in the small fishing village of Taganga, we were shocked to see street cats treated as cruelly as common pests. In the eyes of these animals, we saw the same basic need expressed by our pets- now in the grim light of a daily, solitary fight for survival.

Unpacking this idea in the comfort of our home, we had no choice but to turn feline compassion into a life work and start Tuft + Paw. As first-time renters, we found that our choices for modern cat furniture were limited, to say the least. We needed high-quality, consciously made designs that raised the bar above tacky big-box pet stores in many ways.

We sleep better at night knowing that our cats do too. And now, we’re connecting with humans who feel the same way.

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Modern cat furniture

Tuft + Paw = Modern Cat furniture helps cats be happy

Whether providing the perfect bed for laying, shelter for hiding, perch for spying, post for scratching, or tree for climbing. A happy cat is a happy owner, but having access to the right furniture also makes life easier. Great furniture is not only durable and well-made, it complements the living space so that cat and owner can live together in ultimate harmony.


We choose brands whose ethically responsible designs also support cats. We do this by recognizing companies that take the same pride in the details of their craft as they do in the ethics of their materials and operations. Working with business owners who share our views keeps us inspired to find the best options for cats and their owners.


Cats deserve to feel as safe in their environments as we do. We as humans have the power to make it happen. It’s our dream for every Tuft + Paw products to be a benchmark for the proper care and treatment of cats worldwide- for each purring Snowball and nameless stray alike.

Every cat needs a home in order to live a long and happy life, and needs the help of a human every step of the way. We strongly support animal welfare in any way we can, and this means we advocate as hard as we can for no-kill cat shelters. There are 70 million stray cats in the U.S. at this moment. Of that population, turned feral not by choice, about 1.4 million are euthanized each year. Roughly five times as many animals are homeless as humans.

Donate-a-Bed Program

Tuft + Paw donate-a-bed program offers a 50% discount when you choose to donate any of our products to a shelter. This is a great option if you aren’t able to foster or adopt but want to make a difference in a cat’s life.

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– Modern Cat Beds

Cat beds are your cat’s home base and sanctuary – cozy, comfortable, and visually appealing. Our beds are stylish enough to make sense as furniture for your home. Check out our cat houses, cat teepees, and cat hammocks for other sleeping options.

– Modern Cat Trees

Cat trees serve a variety of purposes from rest to play. Our cat trees come in a variety of designs to complement your living space. Explore our scratching posts or cat perches for smaller options.
– Modern Cat Houses

– Modern Cat Houses

Cat houses are ideal for rest and relaxation. Our cat houses feature some of our most striking designs, ranging in style from the traditional to the abstract. Check out our bedsteepees, and hammocks for other sleeping options.

– Modern Cat Teepees

Cat Teepees accomodate both sleep and general repose. It’s perfect for a quiet hideaway or a stealthy lookout spot. Our teepees are made with high-quality canvas and birchbark stands. Check out our bedshouses, and hammocks for other sleeping options.

– Modern Cat Toys

– Modern Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching posts allow for climbing, perching, or lounging. Our scratching posts come in a variety of designs to fit your space, and are easy to assemble. For larger scratching furniture, explore our cat trees.